James Bond Had It All Wrong - A Short Treatise on Martinis

If you’re a James Bond fan, you know that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. OK, you can make a case for Sean Connery, but no other Bond has shown the depth of character that Craig has. That still doesn’t mean he can mess up the Martini and get a pass.

Yes, that’s right, James Bond doesn’t know how to order a Martini. Any self-respecting mixologist will tell you that. Shaking is generally reserved for drinks with citrus, dairy or egg in them – the shaking process chills the liquid considerably, which can lessen the perceived sweetness of the drink. It also aerates and dilutes the drink.

With a drink like a Martini, with delicate herbal flavors in the gin, you don’t want to dilute and lose the flavors. You also don’t want to ruin the presentation with air bubbles. You want a nice, clean, crisp cocktail.

*on a side note, in the 007 books, Bond actually drinks a Vesper, which does have citrus. This fact somehow never makes it into the movies.

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