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Archive: October, 2018

The Whiskey Wash: Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan American Single Malt Gets Brandy Cask Finish

October 12, 2018 In the Press

When one looks across the ever increasing world of American single malt whiskeys, a standout in the crowd is easily the Colkegan from New Mexico-based Santa Fe Spirits.

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oak burning barrels at Kelvin Cooperage

Barrel Select(ion)

Apple Brandy Cask Finished Colkegan - why the barrel matters, with coopering insights from Britney Wimsatt of Kelvin Cooperage.

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Whisky Advocate: Buying Guide Fall 2018

October 3, 2018 In the Press, Accomplishments

In the Fall 2018 Whiskey Advocate Adam Polanski tried all three of our Colkegan Single Malts, here are his tasting notes.

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