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Santa Fe Spirits was founded by Colin Keegan in 2010 with the goal of becoming the Southwest’s pre-eminent artisan distillery. With products ranging from silver whisky to barrel-aged apple brandy, Santa Fe Spirits is a relatively small distillery proud to be producing exceptional spirits designed to capture and accentuate the essence of the southwest. Please stop by the distillery for a visit and we will be happy to show you what making world-class spirits are all about.

Colin Keegan Whiskey Aficionado and Owner

Upon leaving his native country of England in 1990, Colin moved to the British Virgin Islands where he met his wife, Suzette. Two years later, Colin and Suzette decided to move to Santa Fe with their daughter Phoebe, where Colin continued his successful career as an architect and Suzette found endless inspiration for her paintings. The Keegans soon realized their dream of living in Tesuque, a traditional farming community just outside of Santa Fe, and built their home on a mature apple orchard with trees ranging from young saplings to massive centenarians. The orchard produces a great variety of heirloom apples, and every fall apple picking and juicing is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. However, the orchard is so productive that the abundance of apple cider is always an issue. Thankfully, a solution was literally fermenting the whole time, although Colin did not yet know where this solution would take him or how long it would be before it became a reality. Colin has always appreciated good Scotch and Brandy, so when the economy took a turn in 2009 he closed down his architectural business in order to concentrate on building a distillery where he could produce his own style of these traditional spirits. For Colin, the birth of Santa Fe Spirits in 2010 was the dream of a lifetime.


Caitlin Richards, Business Manager

Caitlin earned a BA in Drama with a communications focus from Hofstra University, which left her well suited to a career in the restaurant and spirits industry. She has spent time on both sides of the industry; Caitlin spent 10 years as the general manager of a busy Santa Fe bar before trading hats to work for Southern Wine and Spirits. In 2012 she went to work for KGB Spirits, and fell in love with the craft distilling industry. Caitlin is thrilled to be able to continue her craft spirits journey at Santa Fe Spirits.


Noya Gilmore, Head Distiller

Noya was raised in Santa Fe but left after high school and moved around a bit before beginning her first career as an iron worker in California. Eventually forced to consider a new career due to injuries, she went back to school and graduated from UNM with a BS in biology and a chemistry minor. The distilling industry is an ideal blend of her backgrounds in construction and science and she looks forward to a long career in the distilling business.


Meekah Sage, Sales & Marketing

Raised in New Mexico, Meekah Sage has the wild spirit of the Southwest running through her veins. That adventurous spirit led Meekah to acquire a degree in advertising photography from world renowned Brook’s Institute in Santa Barbara furthering explorations into Oregon, Arizona , Colorado, and Alaska. Her journeys cultivated her skills of story-telling, adventure, and curated a love of locally handcrafted goods (especially craft beer!). However, the Southwest landscape refused to be forgotten and with children in tow, Meekah came back home and became an award winning journalist. In 2016, Meekah was introduced to Santa Fe Spirits at “The Best Of” Block Party which ignited her passion for their unique Southwestern inspired goods. In November 2017, after several years working in Santa Fe’s Food & Beverage industry, Meekah joined the Santa Fe Spirits team where she now channels her love of the New Mexico landscape through an eclectic skill set with the focus of sharing the company’s special award winning spirits with the world.


James Reis, Bar Manager

James was born in the idyllic town of Pacific Grove, CA. After high school and a bit of college, he worked for the music business in the Bay Area. It was here that he began working in bars and restaurants and forged a lifelong love of the service industry. In his mid-20’s he finished his degree in philosophy at the University of New Mexico, skipping graduate school to get married and work at the one of the best hotel bars in the Southwest, the Inn of the Anasazi. He worked there for over a decade, helping craft a forward-thinking cocktail menu while competing in regional and national drink competitions. After a brief stop at the El Dorado to oversee the successful opening of the Cava Bar, he joined forces with Colin Keegan at Santa Fe Spirits in 2016 with the intent of continuing to elevate excellent, award-winning spirits in a craft cocktail setting.


The Santa Fe Spirits Team

Assisting Colin in running a fast growing distillery are our wonderful crew