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Colkegan PX Single Malt Whiskey bottle

Colkegan PX Single Malt Whiskey

Colkegan Sherry Cask Finished is the oldest Colkegan to be put in a bottle and is our most spectacular single malt offering yet. Originally created as a limited release of 500 bottles for our 10-year anniversary,  Colkegan PX was so good and so well received that we just had to make more. Bottled at 100 proof, Colkegan PX is aged for three years in medium-char new American oak barrels and finished for an additional year in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Colkegan PX presents ripe plums and tree fruits, musty oak, leather, walnut, molasses, and candied ginger on the nose, with baked apples, caramel and dried fruits on the palate with a subtle woodsmoke on the finish.

Released October 16, 2020.