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Microdistillery Movement

Santa Fe Spirits

What is this whole microdistilling thing, anyway? Microdistilling (AKA craft distilling, artisan distilling, etc.) is what people call smaller distillers like Santa Fe Spirits. The term creates a distance between large, multinational brands and the “little guy” in much the same way that “microbrewers” were separated from larger breweries twenty years ago. 

When Santa Fe Spirits was created in 2010 it was one of 204 craft distillers in the United States.  As of 2022 there were 2687.  In the world of distilled spirits, one can find a large selection of many different high-quality spirits at any liquor store, both big liquor brands and craft spirits brands.  The U.S. craft spirits share of the U.S. produced spirits market is 4.9% (Craft Spirits Data Project 2/2023).  That makes the competition steep. Santa Fe Spirits realizes this fact and focuses on utilizing the unique ingredients and flavors of the Southwest to create spirits of exceptional quality that have both a regional flavor and a universal appeal.

Whatever term you choose to use, Santa Fe Spirits is a distillery committed to the quality of its products, the authenticity of its ingredients, and providing the best possible experience to its guests. Please browse the following sections for more information about the distilling process; it’s the next best thing to stopping by the distillery in person!

Santa Fe Spirits’ distillery tasting room, adjacent to the distillery, is open for tours, tastings, and retail sales.  Customers who enjoy the experience of learning about the craft of distilling and seeing an operating distillery in action are welcome to visit and get their spirits and information direct from the source.  We also have a Downtown Tasting room, which focuses more on cocktails and tasting flights, but is also a retail store.