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Silver Coyote Pure Malt Whiskey bottle

Silver Coyote Pure Malt Whiskey

Colin Keegan is the sort of Englishman who continues to enjoy some of the comforts of his homeland even though it is the Southwest that he chooses to call home. Always a passionate Scotch aficionado, Colin couldn’t help but put his own twist on what Americans call “white dog” at his new distillery in Santa Fe.

Traditionally, American white dog is a corn-based spirit. Often, it is simply new-make Bourbon that has not yet made its way into barrels for aging. Since Colin doesn’t find the creamed-corn flavor of most American white-dogs to suit his palate, he sought to create an un-aged spirit more reminiscent of the pure-malt whiskies produced in the UK. The result turned out to be one of the most cutting-edge spirits yet produced by an artisan distillery: Silver Coyote.

A combination of Scottish yeast, European and American malts, traditional distilling techniques, and precision-crafted equipment are essential to the production of this exceptionally pure-malt whiskey. These ingredients combine to produce a subtle spirit expressing hints of fruit aromatics followed by a smooth mouth-feel complimented with sweet, malty notes that gradually yield to a dry, earthy finish. Truly, Silver Coyote is a unique delight.