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Expedition Vodka bottle

Expedition Vodka

To many, Colin Keegan is known as an English gentleman, a scholar, and an American artisan distiller. However, to a select few, Colin is also known as an intrepid adventurer and world traveler.

Like his father, who made the first ascent of Commonwealth Mountain, the highest peak in the Arctic, as a Royal Marine, and kayaked the entire Rhine River, Colin has been planning wild journeys his entire life. From learning to ski in Cyprus as a young boy, sailing the Norwegian coast as a teenager, to climbing Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro and South America’s Aconcagua as an adult, Colin has proven he likes journeys that challenge him.

Expedition Vodka is no different. Colin wanted to produce the absolute best vodka using two of the Southwest’s oldest native resources: maize and Sangre de Cristo mountain water. After two years of tiring work, Colin’s journey was completed. Expedition Vodka has a smooth mouth feel and clean, mellow taste. While it is superb when used for classic cocktails, Expedition Vodka truly shines when shaken with ice (or basecamp snow) and enjoyed by itself in your preferred drinking vessel.