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Bang Bite at our Downtown Tasting Room

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Bank Bite

Friday and Saturday nights the Bang Bite crew will be serving up their slice of heaven at our Downtown Tasting. The Bang Bite team would love to share their passion of great food with you. Roll in for a Bite of goodness and simple pleasures. Check out Bang Bite’s website at http://www.bangbitesf.com/

Eat Local, Drink Local

Here’s what a few people have to say about Bang Bite. Don’t miss out!

    Wow! I just had the most incredible hamburger at the grand opening of Bang Bite. I had the #2 BITE BURGER - (roasted 5 chiles blend, smoked bacon, avocado, jalapeno aioli). I can’t even finish it - it is so big. They are running a special today for their Grand Opening - menu items $5.00. They are on the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Old Santa Fe Trail.
    Starr Clark




    Perfectly seasoned burger, delicious flavors! Can’t wait to go back.

    Lianne Weil Aponte

    Had a turkey burger with bleu cheese & some kind of heavenly chutney and french fries with truffle mayo. SO messy and SO succulent! This will be my go-to-stop for such cravings. Can’t wait to try other things on the menu too -the chef is very creative and far surpasses one’s usual expectation for a food truck.


    The Best Burger and fries I have ever had!!!!

    Samsunshine Levy

    The most insanely excellent burgers - extra yum!
    We were at Santa Fe spirits tonight and ate from Bang Bite. It was the tastiest thing I could have asked for. I am so happy.

    Danielle Dollar

    Most amazing creative food I have had in a long long time!! A true culinarian!! I will be there every week!

    Amy Schiffer

    Delicious food and charming service!
    spicy, gourmet-style burgers with hella fixins. backin it for days.
    Perfection in a bun! Amazing burgers, fantastic fries and grilled cheese creations that are out of this world.