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News: Company News & Announcements

Angelo behind bar


Santa Fe county has achieved green status so we are re-opening our Downtown Tasting Room and starting tours at the distillery!

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Colin in 2010.

Colin Keegan Looks Back at Ten - Looks Forward to the Next Ten

“I never really doubted that we would make it. The last few years have been difficult, especially 2020, but we have such a strong team willing to hunker down.” He pauses. “It is very different from what I envisioned at the start.”

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Ready to Drink Cocktail labels

Ready to Drink Cocktails! Exclusively at our Tasting Rooms

We may have had to close our tasting rooms due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped crafting cocktails. For some time we’ve been thinking about bottling a line of ready to drink cocktails so people could enjoy a delicious Santa Fe Spirits cocktail at home without the trouble of buying multiple ingredients, measuring and mixing. It turns out Coronavirus was the impetus required for us to get from thought to bottle! In May we debuted our first three bottled cocktails, all perrenial favorites in our tasting rooms: the Mesquite Manhattan, NM Negroni and the Nut Job. For June we’ve released two new summer cocktails: the Estrella and the Conexion. We have several more in the hopper; our plan is to create a bottled cocktail for each of our spirits.This line of bottled cocktails is currently exclusive to our tasting rooms for our Beta testing phase. Once we perfect the recipes with the perfect combination of taste, popularity and shelf stability, we plan to release our RTD line for distribution.

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Order form


Due to COVID-19 restrictions our hours have changed.Distillery Tasting Room (7505 Mallard Way, Unit I) is open for curbside pickup of hand sanitizer, our full line of spirits and our ready to drink cocktails Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm. Please order in advance and we will have your order ready for you. email info@santafespirits.com for an order form.Downtown Tasting Room (308 Read Street) is currently open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 3:30 - 9:30.

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We’ve got hand sanitizer!

Available for pick up at the distillery Mon-Fri. PLEASE EMAIL info@santafespirits.com for order form. Once we receive your order we will call you back to schedule a time for you to pick it up! click on orange We've got hand sanitizer! above to see sizes, prices and FAQs.

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Barrel table at Santa Fe Spirits

Barrel Project Contest!

Do you have an idea for something you want to create out of an old Colkegan barrel? Now could be your chance! We have twelve 2L barrels at the distillery that are in no condition to go into our barrel aging kits, so we’re going to see what else they can become.

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Newspaper clipping

We’re Big In Japan!

December 11, 2018 Company News & Announcements

Paul Flint, our distributor in Japan, forwarded us this review of Colkegan in Whisky Galore Magazine. We’re still waiting on the translation, but the 87 leads us to believe that they are saying good things about us!

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oak burning barrels at Kelvin Cooperage

Barrel Select(ion)

Apple Brandy Cask Finished Colkegan - why the barrel matters, with coopering insights from Britney Wimsatt of Kelvin Cooperage.

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Tiki cocktail


Have you been to our downtown Santa Fe Tasting Room lately? Well, now is the TIME! Spring is upon us and our master mixologist and bar manager, James Reis has added some fresh and amazing new craft cocktails to the menu as well as reinstated the classic Sidecar featuring our Dry Apple Brandy!

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Colin and Noya prepare the distillery's first shipment to Japan

Santa Fe Spirits Expands to Japan

Santa Fe Spirits expands to Japan

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Noya and still

Santa Fe Spirits and the Outside Bike & Brew Festival—the Joy of Discovery

Most of the cyclists at this year's Outside Bike & Brew Festival are as serious about their finely crafted Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey, Wheeler’s Gin, and Expedition Vodka as they are about their Niner Jet9s, Devinci Spartans, and Colnago Arabesques.

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classic cocktail glasses

National Santa Fe Spirits Day—Not! Or, Wait . . . Why Not?

Does anyone out there celebrate World Cocktail Day? Or World Whisky Day? Inane? Honored and respected? Crass commercialism? We can’t say we’d ever even heard of them before someone else brought them to our attention.

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Oscars 88, French 75

February 24, 2016 Company News & Announcements

Oscar viewing and Oscar parties pretty much go hand in hand these days. In fact, actually watching the Academy Awards ceremony to see who wins has become secondary, an excuse, really, to Oscar partying itself.

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