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Colkegan Cask Strength is 12 on Fred Minnick’s Top 100 of 2023

Colkegan Cask Strength is number 12 on Fred Minnick’s top 100 list for 2023.

Minnick tasted over 900 whiskeys this past year, and we were proud to be in the top 100.  We’re even more proud now that he’s ranked his top 100 and Colkegan Cask Strength came in at number 12.  We’re in the top 2% of whiskies he’s tried in 2023.

Colkegan Cask Strength has been getting a lot of kudos this year, as it should.  Only the best of the best barrels in our rick house get to become Colkegan Cask Strength. Colkegan Cask Strength has proven to be extraordinary this year, with 94 points from Whisky Advocate.  If you are a whiskey lover, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

look for us at 2:22:56, 4:41:01 and 5:00:22 in the YouTube video.