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Archive: August, 2019

Punch: The State of American Craft Whiskey

August 14, 2019 In the Press

Clay Risen sets out to answer the question where is American whiskey today? And is regionalization the future—or is it already here? taking a look at the American craft whiskey scene ten years after the insurgence of the spirit.

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Whisky Advocate: Smoky American Whiskey Every Peat Head Should Try

August 14, 2019 In the Press

"If you’re fond of peaty Islay scotches, there’s a whole new world of smoke to discover in America. Distillers are using peat, mesquite, hickory and more to impart both subtle and strong smoke flavors on single malt, rye, and other styles. Stoke the flames of your enthusiasm for the smoky stuff with these whiskeys." So heads the Whisky Advocate list of smoky American whiskeys. Originally published in Fall 2018, this list was re-released in July 2019.

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Uproxx.com: The Best Whiskey in Every State 2019

August 8, 2019 In the Press, Accomplishments

Uproxx.com just publised their 2019 list of The Best Whiskey in Every State, and I think you know where I'm headed with this, yup, Colkegan!

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Colin Keegan and Senator Tom Udall

Forbes: Craft Distillers Come To Capitol Hill To Push Modernization Act

August 1, 2019 In the Press

Last week Colin, along with over 150 other craft distillers and members of both DISCUS and ACSA, traveled to Washington D.C.to participate in a public policy conference about the future of the Federal Excise Tax cut, which is due to expire at the end of 2019. (Read this Forbes article for all the info).

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