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Downtown Tasting Room closed for repairs

Company News & Announcements

There was a small leak and we had to pull up some floorboards.  Unfortunately when we pulled up the floorboards we discovered that it hadn't been such a small leak, so we had to pull up more floorboards.  Then a few more.  Suddenly over a third of the floor was pulled up at which point we decided that we may as well make a job of it and pull out the rest.  We had been planning on doing some remodeling in the quiet month of January, but the best laid plans and all that.  We hope to open again the first week of December, with beautiful new floors, some fresh paint,  and some new furniture.  It will be more welcoming than ever to sit and have a quiet, cozy, winter drink.  (Not that anyone needs cozy at the moment with the crazy November weather we're having.)

In the meantime we are doing cocktail service at the distillery, and offering a 10% construction discount on all bottle sales for those of you who head out here.

We do have a few private parties lined up in the next month, so give a call or check our social media to make sure we're open!  

505-467-8892, @santafespirits