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Colkegan Cask Strength rated 90 in Spring 2022 Whisky Advocate

Whisky Advocate gives complete tasting notes for whiskies that score 84 points or more on their 100 point scale.  90-94 is considered "outstanding: a whisky of superior character and style."  Reviewer Shane English rated Colkegan Cask Strength Single Malt 90, writing "up front, this whiskey is ripe and bright, showing pears, grape juice, and a light tropicality on the nose.  The in-your-face fruit notes are held in check by a light spicy smokiness and faint but present honey.  The palate doubles down on spice, delivering cinnamon candies with a dusty and earthy kiss of smoke.  The finish is spice-forward with more cinnamon and a light dried herb character."