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Colkegan Vertical Release 2024

vertical info card

In 2022 we released six Colkegans from our library and we borrowed the term vertical release from the wine industry.  This year – this month! – we are releasing another five to six batches from the library.  We started the library with Batch 4, currently we’re on Batch 22, so we’ve come a long way, baby.

Join us for this trip down memory lane and see how far we’ve come.  With each new batch we strive to make it as close to the previous batch as possible, but also always a little better, so if you taste Batch 21 and Batch 22 side by side you might not notice much difference, but if you taste Batch 22 and Batch 5 side by side…   One thing that stands out to us is how much more mature Colkegan has become, and that’s simply because we have so much more aged inventory to work with.  The first couple of batches were small, because we wanted the rest of the barrels to get as much age as possible before we put the Colkegan in bottles, and because we really wanted everything that went into a bottle to be as close to three years old as possible.

X has been working with The Mouse Hole Cheese Shop (Albuquerque) to curate some special cheese pairings.