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Home delivery in Santa Fe!

We are overjoyed to tell you that if you're in Santa Fe and you just don't want to leave the house you can now order your favorite Santa Fe Spirit or ready-to-drink cocktail delivered to your door!

Dashing Delivery, Santa Fe’s original restaurant delivery service, has been awarded the first 3rd Party Delivery License for alcohol in the state of New Mexico. License number #TPDP-01 was issued last week and deliveries will begin this Friday, April 1st (no joke!)
Dashing Delivery is partnered with Santa Fe Spirits to bring our portfolio of high quality, locally-made spirits and pre-mixed cocktails to households in the Santa Fe area. 
Dashing Delivery has been at the forefront of advocating for alcohol delivery for over eight years, having initiated the first study of the issue with House Memorial 67, sponsored by Rep. Dona Irwin (2014). Two measures passed the legislature in 2016 and 2020 but were vetoed. Demand for delivery increased during the pandemic and a new bill passed in 2021.
Santa Fe Spirits' portfolio of craft spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails will be available on the Dashing Delivery website and app. On demand orders will be able to be delivered in about an hour (subject to operating hours of Dashing Delivery and Santa Fe Spirits)
Link to website: www.dashingdelivery.com

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