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Jalapeno Infused Vodka

​Behind our Santa Fe Spirits Tasting Room bar we have four infusions set up: black cherry vodka, wild berry vodka, jalapeno vodka, and mint vodka. Often when people try these infusions they immediately ask if we sell bottle of them. Unfortunately we do not, but what we make sure people know is how simple infusions can be to make.

Getting sick of your low-cal vodka soda with a splash of lime? There’s a way to spice up that flavor while adding a negligible amount of calories to the drink. Try putting some fresh or frozen berries into the bottle, let is sit for a day or two, and voila, something new. Infusions are a quick and easy way to be creative with your cocktails as well as impress any guests you may have over at your place for cocktail hour. Like spice? Jalapenos can be an ideal way to bring some heat. We recommend two cut up jalapenos per 750 ml bottle of vodka (hopefully Expedition Vodka). Maybe you’re more of a margarita lover… try one green chile per 750 ml bottle of Silver Coyote (or a white tequila) to bring some heat to your next taco night. There are endless possibilities, especially in the skinny cocktail realm. Rum, being made from pure can sugar, isn’t exactly low on calories, but try throwing some mint leaves into your vodka, adding some lime and brown sugar and you’ve got yourself a delicious mojito. (For mint we recommend two days of infusing at the most as it can begin to get sour).

Whatever the flavor you love, try an infusion. What about a lemon infused gin in your next gin and tonic? A cranberry infusing vodka in your next cosmo? Infusions are a great way to control the flavor you want while also controlling the calories you intake. Who needs sticky sweet infusions when you can have sugar free infusions made in your own kitchen?

However, sometimes sugar will be necessary for those who want a sweeter flavor, and if so, check out our earlier blog on simple syrups!

Want to know how to make an infusion? Check out this link: http://cocktails.about.com/od/spirits/ht/infusions.htm