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Liquor.com: The Best Whiskey in Every State

In the Press, Accomplishments

Liquor.com just published their list of the best whiskeys in each state: ​“You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: We’re living in a golden age of whiskey. Never has more whiskey made in more places than right now. And that’s especially true here at home. After a decade-long craft distilling boom, it’s now possible to find top-quality bottles made in every state in the country.

That means you no longer have to rely on Kentucky or Tennessee to fill your whiskey cup; there’s good, local brown spilling out of Ohio, Massachusetts, New Mexico, even Hawaii. To help you navigate this new whiskey frontier, we chose the best bottle in each state (and none of that super-rare, buy-a-lottery-ticket whiskeys but stuff the average person can actually get their hands on). From bourbon to single malt to rye and everything in between, these are the best whiskeys from all 50 states.


Some New Mexico distilleries are making whiskey from blue corn, a natural choice for the region. But Santa Fe Spirits looks to Scotland for inspiration for its Colkegan single malt, from the dark bottle to the mystery ingredient used to smoke the barley, about which the distillery will only say, “It’s utilized by no other distillery in the world.””

We can’t figure out who they may have spoken to at the distillery, because we are not shy of the fact that our barley is mesquite smoked; in fact we tend to shout it from the rooftops. However we can’t argue with being named the best whiskey in New Mexico, which we will also shout from the rooftops!