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Ready to Drink Cocktails! Exclusively at our Tasting Rooms

Ready to Drink Cocktail labels

We may have had to close our tasting rooms due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped crafting cocktails. For some time we’ve been thinking about bottling a line of ready to drink cocktails so people could enjoy a delicious Santa Fe Spirits cocktail at home without the trouble of buying multiple ingredients, measuring and mixing. It turns out Coronavirus was the impetus required for us to get from thought to bottle! In May we debuted our first three bottled cocktails, all perrenial favorites in our tasting rooms: the Mesquite Manhattan, NM Negroni and the Nut Job. For June we’ve released two new summer cocktails: the Estrella and the Conexion. We have several more in the hopper; our plan is to create a bottled cocktail for each of our spirits.

This line of bottled cocktails is currently exclusive to our tasting rooms for our Beta testing phase. Once we perfect the recipes with the perfect combination of taste, popularity and shelf stability, we plan to release our RTD line for distribution.

Our RTD cocktails are all packaged in 375ml bottles, which should give you four cocktails per bottle. The Conexion requires soda water, for the all the others just add ice! Price per 375ml bottle is $30.00 but they are currently 20% off, which gives you a fabulous cocktail for only $6.00!

They are all available for curbside pick up at our distillery tasting room (7505 Mallard Way, Unit I) Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm and our downtown tasting room (308 Read Street) Saturdays 10am - 2pm. Please email todd@santafespirits.com for ordering information.

Mesquite Manhattan: This take on the classic Manhattan features our Colkegan SIngle Malt, which gives the classic a smoky, mesquite flavor.

NM Negroni: Featuring Wheeler’s Gin, this delightfully bitter drink is the perfect aperitif!

Nut Job: A favorite on our menu since it was first introduced, the Nut Job combines Colkegan Single Malt with our Atapino Liqueur for a taste that is uniquely Santa Fe.

Estrella: Based on James Bond’s Vesper, the Estrella showcases both Wheeler’s Gin and Expedition Vodka. Though Bond said he’d prefer a grain based vodka, we think our corn based Expedition is better, “Mais n’enculons pas des mouches.

Conexion: A Santa Fe spin on the French Connection and the absolute perfect cocktail to sip on a warm summer afternoon, whether or not you’re chasing drug smugglers.