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Santa Fe Reporter Summer Guide: Take a New Path

In the Press

​Each June the Santa Fe Reporter publishes their summer guide, a slick insert that lets locals and visitors know what they shouldn’t miss over the next couple of months. This year’s edition covers everything from fishing, to dining to ...deodorant. Fortunately for Santa Fe Spirits, the Reporter wants people to know that drinking exists beyond the Margarita Trail. In Take a New Path, Zibby Wilder creates his own trail, offering suggestions for where to go for a glass of wine, beer, or cocktails. This might be the first time that Santa Fe Spirits and Evangelos are mentioned in the same column, but that just shows what a well-rounded list this is.

If you’re looking for a trail that will take you further north, Santa Fe Spirits is the southern-most stop on the Colorado Spirits Trail, a journey that will lead you to Colorado’s many craft distilleries. Start off at Santa Fe Spirits Distillery to get your official map and plan your trip.

About that Margarita Trail; we aren’t on it since we don’t make tequila, but we serve a whiskeyrita made with out SIlver Coyote that can rival any margarita in town. Stop by our Downtown Tasting Room and try one.