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Santa Fe Spirits and Blue Corn Brewery Beer-Cocktail Dinner


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Santa Fe Spirits is pairing up with Blue Corn Brewery for an awesome Beer-Cocktail dinner! This event will take place on October 16th and features some awesome beer, cocktail, and food pairings. Check out the great menu and go to http://www.bluecorncafe.com/brewery-thursdays-at-the-brewers-table BLUE CORN BREWERY & SANTA FE SPIRITS BEER-COCKTAIL DINNER Thursday




at the Brewer’s Table September 18th 6:30pm PASSED




HORS D’OEUVRES Mirin-tomato poached cod, scallion pesto Smoked Tucumcari cheddar, roasted chile,




bacon wrap Panko turkey satay, honey-lime glace Paired




with Sidewalker Beer Cocktail FIRST Paired









SECOND Peach & Apple Brandy elk sausage




curried apples, roasted purple potatoes Paired




with Imperial Wet Hop Ale THIRD Spicy greens, anise vinaigrette, beet




pickled jicama, avocado, cucumbers, pancetta lardon and hop flatbread Paired




with Raspberry Ricky Beer Cocktail FOURTH Cheesecake cockaigne with ginger-orange




crust with Cask-conditioned whisky-laden Olde Ale