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Some Assembly Required…

Company News & Announcements

Eric Watson, Nick Jones, and Steve Price measure for placement of CARL GmbH still


“A measuring tape is a rigger’s most important tool,” Steve explains to Eric and Nick. From left to right: Eric Watson, Nick Jones, Steve Price.


Measure Twice, Move Once

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, or so the saying goes. Colin is finding that saying to be very true, and is glad that he’s got some talented friends.

After opening up the crate holding his beautiful new still made by the legendary German still manufacturer CARL GmbH, Colin found himself grateful to have the help of some experts.


Eric Watson inspects the crate containing the CARL GmbH still


Eric is wondering how those Germans managed to cram so much into one shipping crate


Can Build Distilleries. Will Travel.

Eric Watson is a brewery and distillery consultant brought on by Santa Fe Spirits to help with everything from site location and equipment purchasing, to plant design and recipe development. He has worked with CARL GmbH numerous times, and is an expert on their stills’ design and function. Santa Fe Spirits is lucky to have such an experienced pro as part of the team.


Steve Price and Nick Jones upright a fermenter


For Steve, moving fermenters like this one around is a piece of cake


Sure, I Can Move That.

Steve Price is a local rancher who takes the spent grains from the distillery’s whiskey to feet to his cattle at the Bonanza Creek Ranch. Fortunately for Colin, Steve also has decades of experience as a rigger, and has moved objects larger and heavier than most people could even imagine. Originally from Oklahoma, Steve is a big fan of unaged whiskies and is looking forward to tasting the products of the still that he is helping to set up.


Can I Distill Yet?

Nick Jones is the distiller at Santa Fe Spirits (or at least he will be once the still is set up!) but fortunately also knows a thing or two about driving a forklift and has previously worked with Steve moving around equipment at the Santa Fe Brewing Company.

Steve Price directs Nick Jones while moving the still


“Oops,” says Nick. “Idiot,” says Steve. “Ouch!” says the distillery wall. Perhaps Nick should just stick to distilling


Colin Keegan is glad that the still is finally in place


Colin’s Christmas present arrived just in time…


Well Worth the Wait

Everything is in place, nothing was damaged, and Colin is finally starting to relax a bit. Happy to see that his distillery is finally starting to come together, he remains somewhat impatient to get his first taste of some Silver Coyote Whiskey. Fortunately, Nick and Eric have him covered. The recipe is decided, the test batch has been brewed at another distillery, and once the plumbing is hooked up to the still, Colin will finally taste the fruits of his labor