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The Perfect Cocktail: It’s More Simple than You Think

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Ginger Lavendar Lemon Drop

​In our Santa Fe Spirits tasting rooms we love experimenting with different cocktails, and with such great spirits, who wouldn’t want to have some fun? However, you can’t pretend that only have five spirits isn’t a challenge when it comes to creating new cocktails. There’s only so much you can do with five spirits to work with. So how do we come up with new and unique cocktails that can showcase our award winning products? The answer is as simple as syrup… simple syrup. Now sometimes people get confused when they see simple syrup listed as part of a cocktail recipe, but let me tell you, it’s called simple for a reason. Simple syrup is a mix of sugar and water.. easy right? The ratio can vary anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1 sugar to water and the water just needs to be boiling hot. Boil water on the stove, add sugar, stir, let cool, and voila, simple syrup!

Simple Syrup
Simple Syrup

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Cool, sweet water you can put in drinks, but couldn’t you do the same with some normal sugar and have done? The beauty of simple syrup is that: 1) It’s already a liquid so it’s very easy to put in a drink without worrying about whether or not it will fully dissolve and 2) you can flavor it It would be impossible to tell you how many simple syrups we have, but I can say that it ranges from ginger to raspberry, mint to rose water, and rosemary to green tea agave. Simple syrups play the awesome double role of adding flavor and sweetness to a drink all at the same time. To make a flavored on, you do pretty much the same thing as the regular one, but throw in a nice portion of whatever flavor you are hoping to achieve (this amount can depend on how strong of a flavor you want). With something like ginger, its great to get it already ground/crushed in order to make it dissolve more easily with the sugar and water. With something like rosemary it is great to put it in the boiling water and sugar to let it steep like tea. There are countless simple syrups that can be made from countless ingredients, and recently these syrups have been made indispensable to the modern bartender. For us at Santa Fe Spirits, simple syrups are a great way to spice up our drink menu, but still allow us to showcase our spirits. So if you’re at our tasting room or at home, you might just want to try something simple.. to try something great. Basic Simple Syrup Recipe Simple Syrup Spoilage Information