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Vinepair.com: Craft Across America

In the Press

Our Atapino has never been one to stand in the shadows, so less than a week after Colkegan was named the best whiskey in New Mexico, Atapino has found its way onto Vinepair.com’s Craft Across America: 50 States, 50 Proudly Local Beers, Wines, and Spirits. For those who aren’t familiar, Vinepair describes Atapino: “Piñon nuts from the Santa Fe National Forest are foraged, roasted, and infused into this single-malt white whiskey. Distillers then sweeten it with Ponderosa pine sap resin and sugar, and barrel age it. The resulting spirit has a nutty, pine-flavored kick.”

Ponderosa pine sap is also foraged for in the mountains of Santa Fe, usually by Colin himself, who enjoys shimmying up trees to get the best stuff, which often is not within reach. Last week he came in with three mason jars full of resin to put the finishing touches on our new batch of Atapino, which will be bottled this week.

This article says that Atapino is only available in our tasting rooms. While that was true when we first released it, it is now available in liquor stores and bars across New Mexico and Colorado, and it is also available to purchase on-line. (Some state restrictions apply).

While Colkegan remains our flagship product, Atapino holds a special place in our line-up. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind liqueur, and delicious to boot!