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Newspaper clipping

We’re Big In Japan!

December 11, 2018 Company News & Announcements

Paul Flint, our distributor in Japan, forwarded us this review of Colkegan in Whisky Galore Magazine. We’re still waiting on the translation, but the 87 leads us to believe that they are saying good things about us!

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AustinWhiskyVault.com Colkegan Trifecta review

November 6, 2018 Accomplishments

​These fellows are entertaining and they know their stuff! Hard to argue with a review that starts off calling Colkegan "one of the greatest smoked single malts" and goes onto say "anyone who likes smokey Scotches, do yourself a favor ... and try some Colkegan." The whole video is worth your time, but if you want to jump right to the Colkegan part of the episode, it starts at 7:11.

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The Whiskey Wash: Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan American Single Malt Gets Brandy Cask Finish

October 12, 2018 In the Press

When one looks across the ever increasing world of American single malt whiskeys, a standout in the crowd is easily the Colkegan from New Mexico-based Santa Fe Spirits.

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oak burning barrels at Kelvin Cooperage

Barrel Select(ion)

Apple Brandy Cask Finished Colkegan - why the barrel matters, with coopering insights from Britney Wimsatt of Kelvin Cooperage.

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Whisky Advocate: Buying Guide Fall 2018

October 3, 2018 In the Press, Accomplishments

In the Fall 2018 Whiskey Advocate Adam Polanski tried all three of our Colkegan Single Malts, here are his tasting notes.

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The Malt Impostor: The Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan American Single Malt Whiskey

September 25, 2018 In the Press

"Tasting notes:... Bill offers “athletic socks after a light workout.” I don’t know what he’s reading, but I’m just suggestible enough to get on board with that idea."

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Railyard photo form Local Flavor

Local Flavor - Roaming the Railyard

September 10, 2018 In the Press

The Santa Fe Plaza. It’s central, historic, lively and lovely. It’s also just a minuscule portion of what Santa Fe has to offer. If you’re interested in broadening your Santa Fe experience a bit, the Santa Fe Railyard is a beguiling area to explore next. While the Plaza is bustling, a bit claustrophobic and maddeningly unplanned, the Railyard feels calm, airy, spacious and thoughtfully considered.

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three Colkegans

Scotchwhisky.com - 10 American Single Malt Whiskeys to Try

September 10, 2018 In the Press

American single malt is on the rise, but with so much choice already available, where does a whisky lover start? From US-Scotch mashups to peated American malts, Jake Emen breaks out 10 exciting bottles to try now.

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SFS barrel racks

NM Magazine - Our Six Favorite New Distilleries

September 5, 2018 In the Press

Englishman Colin Keegan embraces local ingredients to give his spirits a distinct Land of Enchantment taste.

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SFS cocktails

Santa Fe Reporter - Lucky 7 Drinks

August 30, 2018 In the Press

The Lucky Seven Drinks

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Cowboy whiskeys

Wine Enthusiast - Rugged Whiskies of the West

August 17, 2018 In the Press

From single malts to Bourbon plus rye in a bottle, these free-wheeling Western whiskeys offer a taste of the great outdoors.

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Fatherly.com - 5 Brilliant American Single Malt Whiskies to Try Now

July 27, 2018 In the Press

American distilleries are cranking out some seriously sophisticated single malt whiskies

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Tiki cocktail


Have you been to our downtown Santa Fe Tasting Room lately? Well, now is the TIME! Spring is upon us and our master mixologist and bar manager, James Reis has added some fresh and amazing new craft cocktails to the menu as well as reinstated the classic Sidecar featuring our Dry Apple Brandy!

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holiday party invite

Santa Fe Spirits 2017 Holiday Party

November 28, 2017 Events

Come and celebrate with Santa Fe Spirits at the distillery and many other vendors with wonderful Holiday wares. Live music, good food, excellent cocktails great company. Who could ask for more

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