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Archive: September, 2018

The Malt Impostor: The Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan American Single Malt Whiskey

September 25, 2018 In the Press

"Tasting notes:... Bill offers “athletic socks after a light workout.” I don’t know what he’s reading, but I’m just suggestible enough to get on board with that idea."

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Railyard photo form Local Flavor

Local Flavor - Roaming the Railyard

September 10, 2018 In the Press

The Santa Fe Plaza. It’s central, historic, lively and lovely. It’s also just a minuscule portion of what Santa Fe has to offer. If you’re interested in broadening your Santa Fe experience a bit, the Santa Fe Railyard is a beguiling area to explore next. While the Plaza is bustling, a bit claustrophobic and maddeningly unplanned, the Railyard feels calm, airy, spacious and thoughtfully considered.

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three Colkegans

Scotchwhisky.com - 10 American Single Malt Whiskeys to Try

September 10, 2018 In the Press

American single malt is on the rise, but with so much choice already available, where does a whisky lover start? From US-Scotch mashups to peated American malts, Jake Emen breaks out 10 exciting bottles to try now.

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SFS barrel racks

NM Magazine - Our Six Favorite New Distilleries

September 5, 2018 In the Press

Englishman Colin Keegan embraces local ingredients to give his spirits a distinct Land of Enchantment taste.

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