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News & Events

image by Herschel Mair/Company Week

June Was a Great Month for Press!

July 1, 2015 In the Press

Santa Fe Spirits has been killing it with the media

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Atapino bottle

Santa Fe Spirits new Atapiño Liqueur Celebrates Mountain West

May 20, 2015 Product Announcements

The new liqueur, called Atapiño, is made from local ingredients like piñon nuts and ponderosa pine resin.

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Old Fashioned

The Best Bars in Santa Fe

March 10, 2015 In the Press

From Cosmos to Collins, good bars should stock good booze and know how to mix a mean drink. Here are our choices for some of the best in Santa Fe:

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Johnny and Noya smelling and sipping for the best possible recipe

How Your Whiskey is Made: The Fine Art of Sipping, Smelling and Blending

January 27, 2015 Company News & Announcements

While making whiskey may look easy on TV(I promise we’re nothing like those dudes on “Moonshiners”), there is an art to crafting a spirit that pleases discerning palates. And there is an even finer art in creating a product that is consistently excellent like our Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey.

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Holiday martini glasses

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cocktails

December 23, 2014 Company News & Announcements

​Looking to wow your guests this holiday season? Look no further! Last week, Santa Fe Spirits tasting room manager Molly Norton taught a class on holiday themed cocktails to make at home for your family and friends. Here we will share a selection of recipes with you for your holiday gatherings!

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Whole Foods

Spirit Tasting at Whole Foods Market on Wyoming and Academy

December 18, 2014 Events

​We will have a spirit tasting from 4:00 pm. to 6 pm at Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquor in Pojoaque Friday, December 19th. Come out and try some of our award winning spirits!

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Spirit Tasting at Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquor

December 18, 2014 Events

​We will have a spirit tasting from 4:00 pm. to 6 pm at Kokoman Fine Wine and Liquor in Pojoaque Friday, December 19th. Come out and try some of our award winning spirits! 

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Tasting rooms closed

Tasting Rooms Closed 12/16

December 16, 2014 Company News & Announcements

​Our tasting rooms will be closed December 16th for our staff Holiday Party.

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Kaunes logo

Kaune’s Spirit Tasting

December 16, 2014 Events

​We will have a spirit tasting at Kaune's Market Thursday Dec. 18th from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Come by and taste our award winning spirits!

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SFS barrel

Why Barrel?

December 3, 2014 Company News & Announcements

The tradition of aging whiskey in barrels dates back centuries, but where did this tradition originally come from? When was it that someone had the idea of putting alcohol in wooden casks to improve the flavor? It turns out that when barrels were first used to store spirits or wine, it was not because people wanted to add oak flavor to the alcohol. In fact, they had no idea that the use of barrels would affect the liquid inside at all.The use of barrels as a form of storage can be dated back to the Celts circa 350 B.C. The technique of bending wood was most likely borrowed from boat building and barrels were used because they were very strong and could withstand wear and tear. They were also able to be rolled around and stacked tightly. Barrels would be used to transport anything from liquids to metals to food that needed to be preserved, such as fish or olives. At this point, it would be a waste to get rid of the barrels so they were reused to transport again. However, you don’t really want your olives tasting fishy (or maybe you do) or your whiskey tasting of sulfur so a method of charring the inside of the barrels was adopted.

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QBs sports bar & grill

QB’s Spirit Tasting in Pojoaque

December 3, 2014 Events

​We will be having a Santa Fe Spirits Tasting at QB's Liquor Store Friday Dec. 12 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Come by and check out our award winning spirits if your in the area!

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New York Times Mention - 36 Hours in Santa Fe, Visit the Tasting Room

November 26, 2014 In the Press

No matter what season, food, culture and nature buffs will find ample reason to linger in and around Santa Fe.

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11 holiday gifts for alcohol drinkers by Fortune Magazine

November 24, 2014 In the Press

Each holiday season, liquor companies celebrate the most festive time of the year with a batch of unique, unusual, and sometimes luxurious alcoholic concoctions recommended by Fortune Magazine

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