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News & Events

SFS spirits bottles

Tasting at QB’s Packaged Liquor

November 21, 2014 Events

Come check out our spirits at QB's Packaged Liquor in Pojoaque today from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. ​

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AB bottle

Cocktails to Keep you Warm this Winter

November 12, 2014 Company News & Announcements

​With the temperature dropping to the low 30's this November day and snow on its way this weekend, its time to share some of our favorite Santa Fe Spirits Apple Brandy cocktails that are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter. 

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Santa Fe Reporter Pop Up Dinner at Santa Fe Spirits (VIDEO)

November 6, 2014 Events

The SF Reporter hosted its first "Pop-Up Dinner" at the splendid Santa Fe Spirits Distillery. SFR staffers had a wonderful time mixing and mingling with our loyal readers, arts and music enthusiasts and fellow foodies.Check out the great food and fun that was had in October.

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AB bottle

The Apple Brandy Story

November 5, 2014 Company News & Announcements

Many people know that our Apple Brandy was the catalyst for starting Santa Fe Spirits as a company. ​Our company's owners, the Keegans, live in an amazingly beautiful part of Santa Fe called Tesuque. This valley houses the tesuque river and is by far one of the most luscious and vibrant parts of our desert city. Now, in Tesuque the Keegans own an apple orchard and several years ago they began inviting friends over to pick and press apples, sending all of them home with more apple juice than they could hold. The idea to make apple cider and then distill brandy was born from the great juice they could produce from the New Mexico apples. 

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Fall decorations

It’s Time for Creepy… Crawly.. Cocktails?

October 30, 2014 Company News & Announcements

Halloween is a time for ghosts, for vampires, for costumes, and lets face it... for cocktails. As you get older Halloween gets less about trick or treating (they wouldn't give you any candy anyway) and more about dressing up and having a good time with your friends. Now, you probably don't want to be drinking blood this Halloween, but you can definitely still have spooky themed cocktails that will put you in the holiday spirit. Here at Santa Fe Spirits we wanted to take a look at some fun cocktails that we could put our own twist on while keeping them delicious.

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SFS logo on map of South America

Santa Fe Spirits Moves South

October 22, 2014 Company News & Announcements

There are some awesome South American cocktails that are slowly but surely making their way into the U.S., although their popularity isn't quite what it should be considering how tasty they are. At Santa Fe Spirits, we decided to take a look at two South American classics and see if we could make them using our own spirits.

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Top 25 Cities in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 SANTA FE

October 21, 2014 In the Press

Chow down on enchiladas from The Shed and biscochito cookies from The Chocolate Maven paired with coffee from the quirky closet-sized Holy Spirit Espresso, then make sure your day ends at Santa Fe Spirits' new tasting room.

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Still on the Hill

Still on the Hill

October 15, 2014 Events

​Santa Fe Spirits will be heading to Still on the Hill spirits festival in Breckenridge, Colorado next weekend! Make sure to come check it out and taste some great spirits from us as well as other Western micro-distilleries! 

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Get Into the Spirits, Local Flavor October 2014

October 8, 2014 In the Press

If trying an adult beverage is appealing to you but you aren't much of a beer drinker, not to worry, Santa Fe Spirits, has two local tasting rooms in Santa Fe.

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The Local Flavor Buzz, October 2014

October 8, 2014 In the Press

More expansion news for Santa Fe Spirits. Their downtown tasting room at 308 Read Street has officially opened an outdoor patio, adding 12 seats and an outdoor space to the popular tasting room. And a big welcome to new head distiller John Jeffery!

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Tours and Tastings

Santa Fe Spirits will be offering Tours of our distillery and Tastings of our spirits this week:Wednesday-Thursday: 1-6 p.m. Every Hour. ​Friday-Saturday: 3 - 7 p.m. Every Hour.Please Call ahead to schedule your tour today! (505) 467-8892The tour and tasting package costs $10 per person.

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The Angel’s Get Their Share

​Have you ever wondered about the overwhelming alcohol smell that hits you the minute you walk into a barrel aging room? If you don't know what I am talking about, I highly suggest you make a visit to our Santa Fe Spirits distillery at 7505 Mallard Way, even if it is for the sole purpose of walking into the barrel room and breathing deeply. Although you really don't need to breathe deeply. This smell is one of those ones that hits you full on, the kind that you feel not only in your nostrils, but all over your body. This smell is a force capable of knocking you right over. But of course, in the best way possible. The truth is, all you are smelling is the evaporated alcohol present in the air. All liquids evaporate and alcohol is not exception, but in such a small and confined space, the results are far more obvious. The whiskey (or brandy etc.) that is hanging out in the air above our barrels, and the barrels in any other aging room, has a unique name. It is called the Angel's Share.

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Pop Up Dinner

SFS Pop up Dinner with the Santa Fe Reporter

October 1, 2014 Events

​On Thursday, October 2nd, we are very excited to be teaming up with the Santa Fe Reporter to host a pop-up dinner in our barrel room! We are happy to welcome chef Xavier Grenet of L'Olivier restaurant in Santa Fe, who will be preparing delicious food paired with delicious Santa Fe Spirits cocktails. The barrel room is where we age our Apple Brandy and our Colkegan Whiskey and has an amazing aroma of oak and spirits in the air! Please join us if you can. For more information follow this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/pop-up-dinner-and-spirits-tickets-13165178403

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Jalapeno Infused Vodka


September 23, 2014 Company News & Announcements

​Behind our Santa Fe Spirits Tasting Room bar we have four infusions set up: black cherry vodka, wild berry vodka, jalapeno vodka, and mint vodka. Often when people try these infusions they immediately ask if we sell bottle of them. Unfortunately we do not, but what we make sure people know is how simple infusions can be to make. Getting sick of your low-cal vodka soda with a splash of lime? There's a way to spice up that flavor while adding a negligible amount of calories to the drink. Try putting some fresh or frozen berries into the bottle, let is sit for a day or two, and voila, something new. Infusions are a quick and easy way to be creative with your cocktails as well as impress any guests you may have over at your place for cocktail hour.

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De La Vega's logo

SFS Dinner with De La Vega’s Pecan Grill and Brewery

September 11, 2014 Events

​We will be having a dinner with the awesome De La Vega's Pecan Grill and Brewery in Las Cruces next Thursday the 18th! The dinner is $49 per person and features a four course dinner with each course paired with one of our award winning spirits. We'd love the support, so anyone in the Las Cruces area check out all the info here: http://www.pecangrill.com/Events/The-Santa-Fe-Spirits-Dinner-September-18th-630pm.html

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