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Colin Keegan and Senator Tom Udall

Forbes: Craft Distillers Come To Capitol Hill To Push Modernization Act

August 1, 2019 In the Press

Last week Colin, along with over 150 other craft distillers and members of both DISCUS and ACSA, traveled to Washington D.C.to participate in a public policy conference about the future of the Federal Excise Tax cut, which is due to expire at the end of 2019. (Read this Forbes article for all the info).

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Santa Fe Reporter: Best of Santa Fe 2019

July 24, 2019 In the Press, Accomplishments

We won! Best distillery in Santa Fe, 2019! Each year sees more competition in this category, so THANK YOU! to everyone who voted for us."For a town our size to have multiple distilleries is lucky enough, but Santa Fe Spirits' signature takes on liquids like gin with local botanicals, vodka and a smoky whiskey are also distinct and well-crafted. Santa Fe Spirits has been a mainstay at SFR parties, are the proprietors of a popular downtown tasting room, recently acquired a presence in Costco and are on the shelves in lots of other stores."

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alibi: Craft Cocktail Week

July 12, 2019 In the Press

By Dan PenningtonWhat is a craft cocktail? In the modern era, we’ve learned to treasure specialty drinks for certain qualities. The freshness and quality of the ingredients. The skill and preparation that goes into crafting them. The unique alcohols and flavors found and combined to create something out of this world.

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Uproxx.com: American Single Malt Whiskey Explained, Plus Our Favorite Bottles Right Now

June 28, 2019 In the Press, Accomplishments

American Single Malt Whiskey is starting to get the recognition it deserves. Zach Johnston gives an overview of ASM as well as his picks of the best on the market right now in his June 28, 2019 article. Once again Colkegan finds itself in good company, and listed among the best of the best in the country.

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Santa Fe Reporter Summer Guide: Take a New Path

June 12, 2019 In the Press

​Each June the Santa Fe Reporter publishes their summer guide, a slick insert that lets locals and visitors know what they shouldn’t be missing over the next couple of months. This year’s edition covers everything from fishing, to dining to ...deodorant. Fortunately for Santa Fe Spirits, the Reporter wants people to know that drinking exists beyond the Margarita Trail. In Take a New Path, Zibby Wilder creates his own trail, offering suggestions for where to go for a glass of wine, a beer, or cocktails. This might be the first time that Santa Fe Spirits and Evangelos are mentioned in the same column, but that just shows what a well-rounded list this is.

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Durango Herald:Atapiño liqueur combines pinion nuts and ponderosa pines

Atapino is featuring in some very tasty sounding cokctails in Durango, according to Lis McLaughlin in the Durango Herald (May, 29, 2019).The group of bartenders interviewed don't appear to be at a loss as to how to showcase our unique spirit!

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Daily Seven Fifty: The Emerging Styles of American Single Malt

May 28, 2019 In the Press

Does American single malt need to broken down into subcategories? And how would you do this - by region, like Scotch; by ingredient; wood used in aging? Wayne Curtis explores where American single malt might be headed in The Emerging Styles of American Single Malt, (Daily.sevenfifty.com, May 23, 2019). He discusses the question with several notable distillers (Colin Keegan among them), but the answer hasn't yet emerged.

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Barrons: Great Escapes: Santa Fe, a Rustic, Homey Wonder in the Southwest

May 20, 2019 In the Press

"Imbibers would be remiss to skip a visit to the Santa Fe Spirits tasting room. The craft distillery produces exceptional liquors, from gin to apple brandy to whiskey, often employing local ingredients, such as in the whiskey-based Atapino liquer, made with oak, pinon, and ponderosa."

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Vinepair.com: Craft Across America

April 15, 2019 In the Press

"With no legal definition of “craft,” it’s easy to dismiss it as a marketing term. But maker culture transcends jargon. Across the United States, independent, locally minded producers create products that showcase heritage crops and area traditions. Now, anyone thirsty for small-batch drinks with regional flavors can find them in communities and cities across America.Here are 50 truly local beverages made in all 50 states. If you’re planning a cross-country road trip, make sure to leave room in your trunk for these souvenirs."Vinepair.com

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Liquor.com: The Best Whiskey in Every State

April 12, 2019 In the Press, Accomplishments

​"You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: We’re living in a golden age of whiskey. Never has more whiskey made in more places than right now. And that’s especially true here at home. After a decade-long craft distilling boom, it’s now possible to find top-quality bottles made in every state in the country."

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Whiskey Wash: Smoke on the (Fire) Water

April 2, 2019 In the Press

Dave McCowen of The Whiskey Wash uses this great analogy to explain how whiskey gets its smoke, and why there are so many differentiations in American Single Malts.

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Colkegan Apple Brandy Cask Finished Wins Silver Medal at American Craft Spirits Awards 2019

February 22, 2019 Accomplishments

Awards season for spirits doesn’t get quite the fanfare as award season for movies, but there are some similarities; certainly “it’s an honor just to be nominated” and “this means so much coming from my peers” are feelings we can relate to. This means so much, as it’s coming from our peers, is exactly how we feel about Colkegan Apple Brandy Cask Finished Single Malt winning a silver medal at the American Craft Spirits Awards. Though we bask in the glory of all awards we win, the ACSA award holds a special place as it comes from an organization dedicated to small distillers.

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5280: Why Santa Fe Should Be Your Winter Road-Trip Destination

February 15, 2019 In the Press

Shauna Farnell tells 5280 (a Denver magazine) readers why they should head south to Santa Fe for a winter get-away.

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Distiller Magazine: United We Thrive

February 7, 2019 In the Press

​"In 2007, fifteen curious classmates with one shared goal — to learn the art of commercial craft distilling — attended the first American Distilling Institute (ADI) Hands-on Whiskey Distilling Workshop at Stillwater Spirits in Petaluma, California....Workshop graduates have gone on to found their own distilleries, for instance, Colin Keegan of Santa Fe Spirits, Wes Henderson of Angel’s Envy, David Woods of Wiggly Bridge Distillery, Stephen Paul of Hamilton Distillers and Kirby Kallas-Lewis of OOLA Distillery."

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Local Flavor: Apres Slope

January 17, 2019 In the Press

In the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Local Flavor Magazine ​Melyssa Holik rounds up the best apres-ski spots in Santa Fe "where you can defrost your body and restore your soul."

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